Navajo Code Talker Day Aug. 14,2010 Navajo Code Talker Day Aug. 14,2010 Parade in Gallup, NM The Code Talkers are coming 113693602 2001 Congress Medal Congress gave this medal to the Navajo Code Talkers in 2001..The first 29 got gold medals only 5 were still living, today only 2 remain..The other Code Talkers got silver medals, there were around 420 total. During WWII the Navajo Code Talkers saved Millions of lives using their native language transmitting messages over the radio... 113693603 President Keith Little, President of Navajo Code Talkers 113693604 Speaking I was invited to speak, what an HONOR... 113693605 Humbling Meeting and talking with these Hero's... 113693607 GUNNY Talking to the gunny, five purple hearts, four bronze stars..........also a DI 113693608