TSM Cares Dental Initiative 

Stopping the Dominoes from falling 1 Veteran at a time!

Filling the Gap! Unaffordable Dental and the impact in the Veteran Community!

Dental is such a basic need. Providing support and education can help stop the dominoes from falling. People fail to realize this has so much more to do with the health can confidence of the individual

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Unaffordable Dental Needs

The primary initiative has been to assist Veterans with unaffordable dental needs. Preventative Care when it comes to dental hygiene will reduce the overall health care bill. Dental has so much to do with one's health.

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Mobile Dentistry

TSM CARES will produce a Mobile Dentistry Unit that will service Florida and surrounding areas. This unit will look like the one in this picture that SmileFaith Veteran's Dental Clinic created.

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Nationwide Dentists "Fall In" Veterans Day Initiative

Building an Army of Dentists that will welcome Veterans in their facility to provide a free dental cleaning on or around Veterans Day.

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