Filling the Gap! Unaffordable Dental and the impact in the Veteran Community!

It is not known exactly how many veterans lack dental care or have poor oral health; however, anecdotally the number appears to be high. 

In veterans who have serious mental health conditions, 60% have fair to poor oral health, and about 33% find it difficult to eat because of these issues.  Poor oral health can affect self-esteem, employment opportunities, heart and endocrine health, and overall systemic health. 

Many veterans do not qualify for dental care from Veterans Affairs unless they have a preexisting dental condition, a disability, or were a prisoner of war. 

Furthermore, 87% of veterans do not use the Veterans Affairs for any health care. In many states, Medicaid does not cover adult dental health, and Medicare provides no dental benefits.

Cited from the "American Family Physician Journal"