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Tim Chambers

Veteran, Author, Motivational Speaker, Highschool Mascot, AMVETS Spokesperson.

Welcome to my webpage.  Please do not hesitate to create your own account so we can stay connected.  

A little about me: Grew up the oldest of six kids (Mother had all of us in a 5 year time span).I was very fortunate to work with my grandpa on his Christmas tree and strawberry farm. I joined the Marine Corps, and one day they volunteered us to support Special Olympics, from that day on, volunteering has been my life.

All my initiatives are created and executed on my own. I am not sponsored by any company. My wife is a very understanding soul! She supports all my volunteer efforts, even when I spread myself too thin.

  I never knew my salute would mean so much to so many.  I learn more every day on how it has impacted people.  This is bigger than just Veterans it is a symbol for Society that demonstrates compassion and respect.  I hope to continue to motivate, show some empathy and compassion and make a difference.

I have some amazing things brewing to include a TSM Club for kids, (that will receive a once a year counseling from The Saluting Marine; 22 Minute Salute Challenge that will be like the Ice Bucket Challenge, and in support of my charity I am developing a lead source that people will reach out to me and "Return the Salute" by giving me leads for Real Estate and Home loans or Refi's and I will in turn find a qualified agent and receive a donation to support the charity.   The other initiative is helping Veterans with unaffordable dental!  

This website is new.  I will make sure I will have all info and some great content that will share with you my efforts, adventures, and accomplishments with my charity.

- Semper Fidelis,  

Tim Chambers 
The Saluting Marine 
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Return the Salute Initiative

  •   04/20/2022 12:39 AM
The Saluting Marine loves reaching people. It reinforces his commitment that inspired him to jump off the curb back in 2002. He puts 150% effort in helping organizations make a memorable difference.

The Saluting Marine's experiences and efforts in life has qualified him to convey messages with motivation, compassion and a drive that cannot be matched.

Corporations can look forward to receiving a crafted message that aligns with the Organizations goals, in areas of Leadership, Ethics, Knowing your People, and Teamwork to name a few areas.

Teaching Companies what Veterans bring to the table, how to harness those raw competencies to make a return on investment, and have a broader understanding on how to go about hiring Veterans, with hopes that we can reduce the numbers of Veterans Suicide.  

Donation Amount

Two extremely difficult hurdles to buying a home are down payment and closing costs.  Here you will find a list by state of programs that provide help with these issues.  This is a work in progress so check back often to get updated information.  

Down Payment and/or Closing Cost Assistance

Down Payment Assistance

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